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How Is GFresh Contributing

We intend to grow and improve the lives of the farmers. By eliminating the middleman, GFresh wants the farmers to become independent and choose the onion produce they want to sell. We sell a variety of onions and follow quality check protocols. We want consumers to consume only fresh produce.

Improved Standard Of Living

Our goal is to improve quality of living for the farmers

Collection Centres Near To Farms

Facilitating collection centres close to the farmers for convenience and to save on time

Fewer Suicides

Onboarding farmers to get the best rate for the efforts they put in

Convenient Transport

Easy and fast transportation is a crucial element our delivery module

Better Price Than Market

Get the best quality and price for the onions when your shop from us

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GFresh Agrotech Private Limited

2039 A Pandit Mohalla, Garhi Village, Alipur North West Delhi, Delhi 110036 India


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